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Allegri looking for ‘convincing’ project as Chelsea, PSG, Bayern speculation grows

No sabbatical for the outgoing Juventus head coach

Juventus v Atalanta BC - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Max Allegri has one more game left in charge of Juventus, next weekend’s Serie A finale against Sampdoria, and then he will be packing his bags and saying goodbye to the Old Lady after five wonderful, trophy-filled seasons together. It’s a surprising development to be sure, but in a way also expected, after yet another Champions League failure for the most dominant side in the Italian Serie A.

“I leave a winning team which has the potential to repeat its achievements in Italy and have another great Champions League campaign. Unfortunately, some situations meant we couldn’t go all the way (during my time).

“We talked, expressed our ideas on what was best for Juventus and the future of Juventus. After that, the club evaluated it and decided it was best that I wouldn’t be the coach of Juventus next season. I leave behind a solid group with extraordinary players, both technically and as men, because you need good men to win as well as good footballers.”

-Max Allegri; source: F365

Where Juventus go next from here in search of continued improvement is unclear, but most reports agree that Chelsea’s Maurizio Sarri is the current leading candidate. While Sarri has claimed he’s happy to stay at Chelsea, to build on his first successful-enough season, his future remains very much in doubt and he himself is seeking clarity on the situation before the end of the month.

Putting two and two together, it’s easy to arrive at the idea that as Sarri moves to Juventus, Allegri moves to Chelsea. It’s not so silly, especially given our penchant for Italian coaches, for whatever reason: Ranieri, Ancelotti, Di Matteo, Conte, Sarri — five of the Abramovich Era’s eight non-interim managers (and Vialli beforehand, too). Allegri would certainly fit the “idea” of a Chelsea head coach much more than barely experienced Frank Lampard (legend or not) or someone like Nuno Espirito Santo from the Premier League’s midtable.

This is all just speculation of course. Certainly for now. The Mail, for example, drops Chelsea, PSG, and Bayern Munich as potential destinations for Allegri, who’s not looking to take any time off. Right now, all three teams have full time head coaches (Sarri, Tuchel, Kovac, respectively), but that could change pretty quickly.

“I’m not especially looking for a year off. I’ll only take a sabbatical if I have to. Otherwise my plan is to find a project that convinces me. Life is full of surprises and you need to be ready for everything.

“I train with joy and fun, because if I’m not persuaded by the squad at my disposal, I try changing things around, moving players into new positions and trying something different, otherwise I get bored.”

-Max Allegri; source: Mail

Well, I tell ya, Max. There’s never a boring day at Chelsea, that’s for sure. And you just might get to tinker to your heart’s content if we decide that our new project involves not only “austerity” but living that best transfer ban life.

What say you?

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