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Sarri, Chelsea to respect irreplaceable, under-priced Hazard’s Real Madrid decision

£100m? Too cheap.

Chelsea FC v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

A few years ago, Jose Mourinho set Eden Hazard’s hypothetical price at £100m for each leg. Since then, Hazard has not only gotten better, but the market has truly gone haywire. So even though Eden only has one year left on his contract, the £100m price tag seems a bit cheap, especially after Monday night’s match-winning performance against West Ham.

Maurizio Sarri more than agrees, as he told Sky Sports in the tunnel interview.

“It’s too cheap. In this market, it’s too cheap. I have no idea [what it would cost to replace him], but we’ve seen [the prices] in the last market windows. It would be very hard to replace Hazard with another player.”

Unfortunately, Sarri also admitted that he’s practically powerless in this situation, and while Chelsea are supposedly holding out for the nine-digit bid from Real Madrid, at the end of the day, the decision is up to the player. If he doesn’t want to sign the new contract, if he wants a new challenge to fulfill his childhood dream and play for his idol, we can only respect his decision, if for nothing else than as reward for his seven years of excellent, multi-title-winning service to the club.

“I cannot do anything, I think, because the club agrees with me. But if Eden wants to have another experience, it’s very difficult to keep him. [All I can tell him is] that we are trying to improve. We are trying to become one of the best teams in England, and as a consequence, in Europe. But I think I have to respect his decision.”

-Maurizio Sarri; source: Sky

Sarri has previously talked about only wanting players fully committed to the cause, and that’s probably true for most head coaches.

When asked a similar question in his post-match press conference, Sarri revealed that Hazard hasn’t informed him of any decision just yet.

“It’s impossible to find another Hazard. At the moment there isn’t another Hazard. His level is so high in all the world I think you can find two [other] players like Hazard.

“He told me he has to decide. I hope Hazard can stay here, otherwise we have to try something different.

“I am sure the club doesn’t want to sell him, but of course we all have to respect his decision. He is in his last season of contract. If he wants to have another experience we have to respect it. We will try of course in every way to convince him, but it’s not easy.”

-Maurizio Sarri; source: Chelsea FC

And so we continue to hope, against all odds.

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