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Real Madrid’s Hazard deal ‘not yet close’ as Chelsea hold fast at £100m — reports

A lot of negotiating left to do

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UPDATE: Kristof Terreur adds his voice as well, confirming the reports in Sunday’s papers.

Contrary to reports earlier this weekend from Spain, Eden Hazard’s move to Real Madrid isn’t quite imminent just yet. In fact, the English media paints a picture where the road ahead is long and windy still, with “a lot of negotiating” still to do.

The Independent’s Miguel Delaney cites sources “close to Hazard’s camp” in “noting” that most of these rumors from Spain are just typical rumor fodder that the likes of Marca specialize in (especially when it comes to Real Madrid), though that’s not to say that there isn’t some fire behind all the billowing smoke. After all, the hang-up appears to be between the two teams rather than Real and Eden himself, who may or may not be set for a 6-year deal at £350k-per-week, which would take him up to a ripe old age of 34 in the Spanish capital.

Most sources, including the Telegraph’s Matt Law, agree that Chelsea are holding out for at least £100m. Real Madrid are hoping to hit six figures only in Euros, but that leaves them roughly £15m short. One would think that much wouldn’t be an obstacle to the Galácticos, but so far it’s proving to be. They still want to get the deal done before the end of the season for whatever reason — wait, doesn’t every team wait until Transfer Deadline Day to make their moves??

Marca had boldly declared on Friday that a deal will be done “in the coming days”. They of course did not say how many days that actually entails, but it doesn’t sound all that imminent at the moment, even if it may eventually prove inevitable.

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