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Of course everyone is ‘interested’ in Callum Hudson-Odoi!

Transfer rumors picking up

First there were Bayern Munich.

Then Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig, although the latter only briefly.

Liverpool popped up randomly a few weeks ago, though the Dominic Solanke experience should serve as a warning to Callum.

Now, this weekend, after making his England debut before even starting a Premier League match, Callum Hudson-Odoi has been linked with Manchester United.

Given the 18-year-old’s ... uncertain ... contract situation, it’s surprising more teams haven’t been mentioned yet. Where you at, PSG? Anybody at home in Madrid or Barcelona? Juventus? These agents could be working a lot harder!

The United link is a Daily Mail special, but they forgot to increment the bid amount which would surely need to be higher than the previously rumored £30m from Bayern, from back when they had no supposed competition for the kid’s signature.

Rumors aside, the reality of Chelsea’s Hudson-Odoi situation remains quite concerning, especially if the transfer ban prevents the club from signing new players for the next two windows.

While recent words from Sarri, Southgate, and even the player himself seem to indicate that there is a potential softening of his hard-line stance to leave the club, the five-year extension on offer remains unsigned. Chelsea are reportedly ready to redouble efforts, as well as the wages on offer, to get the deal signed before his current contract is up at the end of next season, but for the 18-year-old the matter is “beyond money”. His concern, just like it was for Jadon Sancho at Manchester City two seasons ago, is playing time.

In fairness, his playing time has increased markedly since January, but there’s still a feeling of it being too little too late to change the course of history. Should worst come to worst, hopefully we wouldn’t compound these mistakes by letting him go to a domestic rival...

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