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The Sun claim Chelsea ‘close to’ Jadon Sancho, and everybody loses their minds


Yesterday, The Sun “Senior Football Reporter” Duncan Wright cobbled together a report about Chelsea and Jadon Sancho that contains absolutely no new information and no actual claims, but has still managed to set Chelsea Twitter on fire, with many convinced that we’re now definitely signing the 19-year-old wing-sensation.

(And we wonder why transfer rumors have become the main attraction for football media, with the distraction of the games themselves a necessary evil to deal with in the meantime!)

Of course, if you read beyond the headline, which likely isn’t even Duncan Wright’s own since most publications still employ headline writers/editors for that purpose, the story that it’s selling becomes a lot less hopeful. Wright may have a decent record when writing about Chelsea transfers in recent years — about as good as can be expected — but even broken clocks are correct twice a day. Amid the never-ending deluge of transfer rumors, there will always be a few winners.

So what are we really “close to”?

“Ready to battle” for a deal that “could see” us make a club-record bid? Oh boy, so close!

After a bit of background information and padding, we get to a line about Frank Lampard wanting reinforcements in attack, which he has been talking about recently, and then towards the very end, we get a bit of speculation about a Pulisic-type deal, with a loan back to Borussia Dortmund for the rest of the season, since they’ve made it very clear that they’re not selling Sancho in January.

The End.

As you were.


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