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January hot days: Barella high heat, Paredes and Zappacosta low heat, Higuain on simmer

Alfredoooooo sauces

The January transfer window is in full swing, which means that Alfredo “Hot Days” Pedullà is now fully awake after his four-month-long hibernation and ready to cook up some spicy stories.

First up, young midfielder Nicolò Barella, who’s apparently part of a three-way transfer dance with Cesc Fàbregas and ... Nahitan Nandez. Who? Nández is a 23-year-old Uruguayan international who’s supposedly been tabbed as Barella’s replacement at Cagliari. Negotiations over that transfer are ongoing, and when they’re done, they will enable Chelsea to sign Barella and let Fàbregas go to Monaco. Hot like dominoes!

Less hot is the recent rumor of Chelsea looking at Leandro Paredes as an actual Fàbregas replacement (Barella isn’t really a midfielder in the Cesc-mould), as well as Davide Zappacosta getting linked with Lazio. “Low fire” on the latter, which sounds like the treatment often given to live lobsters. Sorry, Davide!

Last but not least, the Gonzalo Higuaín soup continues to simmer murkily in the background, especially after Milan sporting director dumped in a bunch of flavour with some spicy comments yesterday regarding the (semi-out-of-form) 31-year-old.

“He has to make a decision and take on his share of the responsibility. Not this continual, ‘yes, no, I’m not sure.’ He had a tough moment, he has to put it behind him and get to work.

“There’s no point following rumours and gossip. He is here right now. Seeing as he is here, he needs to get down and actually do something for this team. A goal can change things, but if he is to continue here, he needs to take on responsibility.”

-Leonardo; source: Goal

Higuaín apparently prefers his soup a bit more bland than that and has not taken well to this flavour explosion. With Morata missing Tuesday’s match with a sudden injury amid fresh exit rumors (Sevilla this time), it’s easy to see why this item is back on the transfer menu.

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