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‘Here we go!!’: Higuain to Chelsea a ‘done deal’ — report

Jigsaw falling into place

The dominoes are falling. Or the jigsaw, into place, if that’s more your speed.

Come on and let it out...

“Here we go!!”, exclaims Sky Italia’s Angelo Mangiante — two!! exclamation!! points!!— as the Higuain deal is “done” for the seventeenth time!

This time, of course, it’s for realsies.

Two!! Football!! Emojis!!

But wait, what about the medical?!

Has he flown to London yet??

Is Morata gone yet?

So many questions!

Silly Season at its finest.

At this point, we can probably rest assured that this move is happening. The exact timing is the only thing that continues to drive the wheels of the rumor mill, grinding our souls into vacuous smithereens of useless dust. Anybody tracking his flight yet?

Mangiante says the remaining questions will be answered “in the morning”. They were rumored to be answered by Friday, then by Tuesday. Wednesday midday is the registration deadline for Higuain to be eligible for Thursday’s match against Spurs.

So it goes.

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