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Chelsea to offer improved terms to Callum Hudson-Odoi — report

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Chelsea ‘prepared’ to make Hudson-Odoi one the world’s highest paid teenagers in football

Callum Hudson-Odoi’s situation seem centered on playing time (or lack thereof) rather than any sort of financial concerns, but just in case he’s like the vast majority of professional athletes, Chelsea are reportedly set to offer him improved terms to try to convince him to not leave us for Bayern Munich.

According to the Daily Mail — so, you know, that it for whatever you believe it to be worth — Chelsea will offering to double Hudson-Odoi’s current wages, from £22k to £50k per week, with incentives that could see that rise to £70k, making the 18-year-old “one of world football’s best-paid teenagers”. Of course, if we believe Hudson-Odoi to actually be one of world football’s most talented teenagers, all of that will be a small price to pay. (It should be also noted that the last time a big deal was made of a Chelsea youngster’s salary, the Telegraph had to print a retraction.)

It’s unclear how much higher this offer, if true, may be from Chelsea’s previously tabled contract offer, but either way, it might give Bayern and Callum a pause. Chelsea’s overall strategy now appears to be to stall until the summer and hope to use the intervening months to conduct a charm offensive on and off the pitch.

Good luck to us.