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Chelsea slap €60m price tag on Alonso, who isn’t for sale — report

Real or Atlético would have to pay a record amount to get the Chelsea wing-back this summer

Diario AS were one of the Spanish sources to float the Marcos Alonso-to-Real/Atlético Madrid rumor yesterday, and while even they had to agree that basically there was no chance of it happening, certainly not this summer, they have dipped back into that well anyway.

This time, they unearthed a price tag, set at a cool €60 million, which would be a record sale for the club and would make Alonso the most expensive full back ever, just edging out Benjamin Mendy’s and Kyle Walker’s £50m fees (that’s £50m each, not total).

The report does claim that Alonso is not “untransferable”, but that’s mostly talking about next season.

If the price next summer remains €60m, or perhaps continues to grow according to market inflation and Alonso’s own continuing goal-scoring record, perhaps it will be something that we might even consider. He will have two years left on his contract at that time, and will have the big 3-0 starting to come up on the horizon as well.

Until then, this bit of silliness is just a reminder that one of the major benefits of the Premier League transfer window closing before the start of the season, is that we don’t have to deal with this kind of nonsense every day in August anymore!

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