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Eden Hazard rules out leaving Chelsea this season after summer of ‘nonsense’

Eden Hazard is ours (for now) and you can’t have him

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Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Eden Hazard completed his seventh preseason at Chelsea this summer, which means that he has also now gone a dozen transfer windows without leaving Chelsea. Considering that rumors of him using the Blues as a stepping stone to Real Madrid pretty much started as soon as he famously announced that he’s signing for Champions League winners Chelsea, that’s a fairly significant accomplishment.

This summer’s transfer window did have one new wrinkle to it, as Hazard himself came the closest he had ever come to saying that he’d want to leave. Of course, saying that one “might consider” a change of scenery (and leaving the final decision up to Chelsea) is not exactly a Thibaut Courtois-level shenanigan, but that didn’t stop the media from playing it up anyway.

Despite all the follow-up rumors however, Hazard has stayedl; he didn’t really look that close to leaving in the final analysis, though the Spanish transfer window is open for a couple more weeks so technically he could still leave. Fortunately, speaking to RMC after last night’s game, Hazard has categorically denied that possibility.

“Everybody knows what I have said after the World Cup. But I’m happy here. I don’t want to talk about it yet. A lot has been said [nonsense and everything], but at the moment I’m happy. I have two years left on my contract and we’ll see what happens. Leaving this year? I won’t go.

”The transfer market in England is closed. Clubs can still sell players, but not sign new ones anymore. It would be a bit strange that they would sell me now while they can’t sign a replacement. Today we have seen that the fans quite like me. I’m good where I am now. Let’s see what happens in one or two years.”

-Eden Hazard; source: RMC via Telegraph

So back to the usual lines from Eden, with “we’ll see” dominating anything beyond the foreseeable future. And that’s fine; that’s how things normally go. If we’re used to anything at Chelsea, it’s short timelines and quick changes (though mostly with managers as opposed to players).

Hazard’s long-term future will be determined by whether he signs the contract that’s on the table for him. If he does, he’ll probably stay for the rest of his prime years. If he doesn’t, we’ll get to revisit this issue next summer.

Until then, let’s enjoy the Sarri-ball version of Eden, who is off to surgical, scintillating start.

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