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Hazard: ‘The blue shirt suits me well’

For the 100th time and on the eve of the biggest game of his life, Eden Hazard talks Real Madrid rumors and his Chelsea future.

Chelsea v Manchester United - The Emirates FA Cup Final

Eden Hazard is fully concentrating on the biggest match of his life coming up tomorrow against France in the World Cup semifinals, but that didn’t stop mischievous journalists from asking him the usual Real Madrid question in the pre-match press conference.

If Hazard has said it once, he’s said it 99 times. He likes playing for Chelsea. Here’s the 100th time.

“For now, it’s the World Cup. As I have said at least 100 times, I am in Chelsea and for the moment nobody has made me an offer. If Real makes me less dream without Zidane? Zidane is someone special it’s true, but I think the Real, it makes everyone dream. Zidane or not Zidane, the white jersey (Real) is special but the blue jersey suits me well so it does not bother me to stay.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Real France via Google Translate

If you’re looking to cause trouble, sell a few clicks, and get people talking, you’ll pick out the part where he says the Real Madrid jersey is “special”, just as it’s always been. (The No.7 in white might even be available once Cristiano Ronaldo moves to Juventus, so you can use that to add weight to the speculation, just as Zidane’s name was often used before his resignation.)

BUT! There’s always a big but, as someone once told me.


But the blue shirt suits him just fine. He’s not looking to move. No one’s even made an offer.

Carry on.

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