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Agent distances Zola from Sarri fiasco at Chelsea

Zola is not involved in Chelsea’s negotiations with Sarri

Birmingham City v Burton Albion - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

It’s Friday night, and the feeling’s right. Trouble is, that feeling is continued frustration, flabbergast, fury, even, at Chelsea’s complete ineptness at doing the seemingly simple thing of sacking a head coach (done as many times as years of ownership under Abramovich’s belt) and hiring a new one.

The latest 24-36 hour window has passed once again. Sarri was supposed to have flown to London today (again), but that probably hasn’t happened either (again). The last weekend of summer vacation has begun and it’s back to work for everybody on Monday (save for the players involved in the World Cup). At this point, that’s likely to mean that Antonio Conte will take the first session of preseason training on Monday.

With continued radio silence from Stamford Bridge, everybody’s left to guessing the club’s true intentions. The only people remotely close to the operation who are actually speaking to the media are Gianfranco Zola and his agent. Zola had been been rumored to be part of Sarri’s incoming staff, but the uncertainties over that deal have begun to affect the Chelsea legend as well.

Zola himself spoke recently of the need for clarity; now his agent has distanced him from the continuing Sarri fiasco.

“Zola is [not involved in] Chelsea’s negotiations with Sarri. I’ve never talked to Chelsea about Zola’s role in Sarri’s technical staff and I can only say that the whole situation is very complicated. I’ve been reading for 20 days that Sarri to Chelsea is a done deal but as far as I know there are no new developments on this front.”

-Flavio Marrucco, CalcioNapoli24 Live via CalcioMercato

Read his lips. No. New. Developments.


(Can we at least get Zola back in some technical role? I’m sure he’d love to work with Conte, too.)

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