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Another report promising Sarri resolution; flight to London on Friday

Can’t spell Pedullà without “dull”.

Italian Football Federation ‘Panchine D’Oro E D’Argento’ Prize Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Oh look, another Pedullà prognostication purporting Pensioners’ progress. It’s all getting a bit much, even if it’s probably not his fault. He’s just reporting things, right? Can’t spell Pedullà without dull though...

Alas, we’ve made our bed by following him from the very beginning of this saga, so might as well lie down in it, close our eyes, and see what happens when we wake up tomorrow.

Will Sarri magically appear before our eyes? Maybe. Pedullà claims that Sarri is in Milan (why?) and is “ready to” fly to London (again). This worked out not at all last time and there was no flight and no deal and no progress. Pedullà claims that Zola is in Milan, too (is that where he was talking to Sky Italia?), but Zola sure feigned tremendous ignorance in his interview yesterday for someone so close to the action there in Northern Italy.

Pedullà said 24-36 hours 24-36 hours ago. Tick-tock, the ice on my watch says this is BS again. There is still no agreement with De Laurentiis. And lest we forget, Conte is still in the job technically and even though Napoli have kept two head coaches on the wage bill for almost two months now, Chelsea will still likely sack Conte first before hiring and announcing his replacement.

At this point, we might as well just do a “Bachelor”-style show and figure out the head coach that way. Eden with the final rose, of course.

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