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Chelsea ‘preparing’ £30m to move in for Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey — report

Too good to be true in any and every aspect...

Wales v Mexico Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Aaron Ramsey is the latest key player at Arsenal who’s facing the prospect of entering a season with just one year left on his contract. As we’ve seen with situations such as Alexis Sánchez, or even closer to home with Thibaut Courtois, this is hardly an ideal situation for any team. While it generally behooves a player (moving for cheap/free tends to lead to higher wages), teams should always be doing their utmost to avoid it.

But Arsenal have failed to do so with Aaron Ramsey, who seems like has been around forever but is actually two weeks younger than Eden Hazard — both of them are 27, going on 28, and in the primes of their careers. And according to the Daily Mail, if Ramsey’s situation does not improve (i.e. no new contract), Chelsea are “ready to make a move” on transfer deadline day.

It’s unclear how leaving it that late will be helpful, but it could make life even tougher for Arsenal, which means we’re fully supportive of not only this potential move but the potential waiting game until August 9. Making a perfect signing and weakening your opponents at the same time? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Ramsey came up through the Cardiff City academy before joining Arsenal ten years ago. In the 300+ appearances since, he’s developed himself into a complete creative midfielder, and would thus be a perfect signing for that third spot in Sarri’s midfield, in front of Kanté and Jorginho. In this market, £30m isn’t even all that much.

That said, this seems a bit too far-fetched, a bit too perfect, a few too many unlikely pieces having to fall into place. Plus, Arsenal might still get him to sign, or at least keep him until January.

Stay tuned...

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