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Chelsea being extra careful with next step in Charly Musonda’s career — report

After two wasted years, it’s imperative that we secure the best future for young Charly

Chelsea FC v Perth Glory Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images

Given the amount of hype and attention that has surrounded Charly Musonda Jr since arriving from Anderlecht six years ago as a 14-year-old highly promising youngster, surely he should be many steps further ahead already in his career than where he currently stands.

His last loan spell, at Celtic, was a total failure (strike three for Brendan Rodgers, too). Musonda’s prior loan, his second go-around with Real Betis was equally a disaster, with an injury to boot. He impressed briefly, in early 2016 in his first go-around with Betis, but it’s been disappointment after disappointment after injury after social media controversies and silliness since.

But Charly is still highly regarded and has tremendous promise for the future. But every decision is magnified now, after two wasted years. Understandably, Chelsea are being extra careful, perhaps to the point of being too careful. It would appear that by default, Musonda will be sticking around the Chelsea first-team for this season.

We’ve been here before of course, just twelve months ago. Let’s hope it works out a bit better this time. Playing time will be a concern, but maybe Sarri or Zola will prove to be the magic elixir that will make it all click for Chelsea and Charly.

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