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Benzema calls out Di Marzio lies as Morata remains AC Milan’s primary target

No one knows what is happening but it’s provocative and it gets the people going!

Lyon v Fiorentina - UEFA Champions League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Chelsea are in a deep state of uncertainty, with a new coach, new challenges, and almost all the good players being linked with moves away from the club — whether it’s Giroud or Kante or Willian or Courtois or Hazard or Fabregas, well, you get the point. Another name on that list is last summer’s Diego Costa replacement, Álvaro Morata, who’s been linked constantly with moves to back to Italy, first to Juventus and most recently (and certainly after Juventus acquired Cristiano Ronaldo), to AC Milan.

Here’s the Oracle of Sarri with just one of the many updates in that story, claiming that Morata has basically already said yes to Milan.

While Pedullà has become a household name among Chelsea fans thanks to his coverage of the Sarri and Jorginho sagas earlier this summer, before he discovered Chelsea and the constant state of chaos that the club thrive in, our favorite warm weather enthusiast was known as an expert on all things Milan. No transfer rumor or rumor monger should be trusted unilaterally, but Pedullà is on a hot streak and he probably shouldn’t be disregarded out of hand, especially when it comes to Milan.

But what is this? Is that Di Marzio’s music?

If Pedullà is the hot star of the transfer window — let’s ignore the sad state of affairs where we’re celebrating journalists for not making things up — Gianluca Di Marzio is the wily old veteran. He wanted a piece of he action as well, and reported that Milan have actually been in contact for several days with Karim Benzema and that head coach Gattuso has already spoken with the player.

Oh, the betrayal! What is going on? Are Milan cheating on Morata? Was that “banned in Europa” (subsequently overturned), “ownership trouble” FFP issue just an act to get our lovely Morata to fall for Milan while they were in cahoots with someone else?! Or maybe, Milan are planning world domination and are going to play Morata-Benzema up top with Messi and Neymar on the side?! Who knows!

Subsequently, however, Di Marzio’s story was not only dismissed, first by Benzema’s agent then Benzema himself, but the journalist was called a liar. Will his reputation ever recover? Oh the drama!

Here is Benzema’s agent using a destructive weapon of mass destruction called laughing emojis. Three of them! Oh no he didn’t!

And here is Benzema’s agent calling Di Marzio a clown for fabricating lies just for the benefit of his “mercato”. Whaaaaa? INCONCEIVABLE!

Benzema got in on the action by posting a story on Instagram, calling Di Marzio a liar as well and telling him to change his line of work.

Of course, Di Marzio wasn’t going to stand idly by.

He hit back, identifying his source — wait, isn’t that breaking rule number one of transfer rumor reporting? — and doubling down on his claim. The source is apparently Ludovic Fattizzo, an intermediary of the operation, who claims he’s met with both sides.

It was Benzema’s turn to punch back, with the agent trying to take the high road by urging respect, and Benzema himself calling Di Marzio a liar once again.

One person who took no pleasure in seeing his colleague get destroyed in public was enjoying this immensely was that man Pedullà, who mischievously thanked Benzema for the assist and re-stated that Morata remains the only option for Milan. Journalism indeed is a cut-throat business.

Thus, here we are. Is Morata staying? Maybe. Is Morata going? Maybe. Is he going to Milan? Maybe. Is Benzema going to Milan or is he staying at RM? Maybe. Was Di Marzio lying? Maybe. Was he telling the truth? Maybe.

Is this fun and should we get our popcorn ready? Indubitably.

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