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Real Madrid formulating €125m offer, meeting Hazard’s entourage on Saturday — reports

Stinky offer!

Belgium v France: Semi Final - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

According to the Two Oracles, Gianluca Di Marzio and Alfredo Pedulla — they’re like th Three Tenors, but more monotonous — Real Madrid are stepping up their pursuit of Eden Hazard with Di Marzio stating that Los Blancos will meet Eden Hazard’s entourage on Saturday and for some reason will present them with an offer of €125m.

Wait, shouldn’t that offer be presented to Chelsea instead? They probably know that Chelsea would laugh them out of the building with that offer, considering that we’ve set an asking price north of the current world record of €222m. You’re halfway there, Real Madrid!

Sure enough, Pedullà has Chelsea “still resisting”, which, again, we should.

If Real are in fact stepping up their efforts, it would be the first time in the six years of this rumor’s existence that they’ve actually done so. It should also be noted that Hazard’s father has been known to meddle in his son’s future, and Eden tends to roll without an agent, so this “entourage” may or may not be working with his authorization.

That said, with both Di Marzio and Pedullà going with this story, there is perhaps some truth behind it, though Di Marzio’s historic hit rate starts to decline precipitously whenever he’s reporting on non-Italian rumors and Pedullà has yet to have an at bat in anything non-Napoli-related.

For what it’s worth, even less trustworthy sources are claiming that a deal or at least a deal “in principle” (whatever that means) has been agreed, somewhere around £150-170m. At least that’s a more reasonable price. Here’s Le10Sport, as an example. Not to be taken seriously.

In any case, with Hazard on vacation for two more weeks and Chelsea head coach Sarri wanting to look him in the eyes before anyone making any drastic decisions, this saga has a long way to go yet before any actual outcomes are reached.

“Clearly [Hazard and Courtois] are very high-level players and I would like to keep them. But a telephone call without looking them in the eye will not give me any certainty.

“I would like to meet these players face to face and talk to them and understand what the best thing is for everyone to do. Before that I would also like a player to come on the pitch for four or five days with me to have a clear idea of what the plan is.”

-Maurizio Sarri; source: Guardian

This plan, like most things left to do this preseason, is hampered by the severe lack of time — if Hazard comes back in two weeks and the season starts in three weeks, there’s literally those four-five days only to figure things out — so maybe at least a courtesy phone call is in order, Maurizio.

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