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Liverpool bought his flight, but Alisson may yet see the light

Deal not actually done yet between Liverpool and AS Roma for Alisson, according to latest reports

Brazil v Belgium: Quarter Final - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Chelsea have been involved in some of football history’s greatest gazumpings, if that’s even a word. The transfers of Mikel, Willian, Pedro, Robinho (in a bit of role reversal, for once) are the stuff of legend and song. We added another name to that list in Jorginho just last week. Is it too much to ask for another? Probably. But never say never!

For all intents and purposes, it looks like Alisson is heading to Liverpool. In fact, he’s literally heading there, perhaps as early as tonight but certainly by the weekend, flying in for his medical after all others fees had been supposedly agreed.

But, if recent reports are to believed, it may not be all done and dusted just yet. Mr. Yellow Tie himself claims that what was thought to have been agreed isn’t yet, but while it may feel likes constant deadline day, it isn’t actually yet so I’m not sure how much stock we should put into this. (But clearly enough that it inspired the tone of this post to change to hopeful gazump from utter dejection at missing out on Alisson, which is how it started its life.)

Reports this morning indicated that the two teams had agreed on a £66m/€75m transfer fee, but Jim White’s “source in Italy” claims otherwise. This is a similar position from where Manchester City were gazumped, as they were trying to figure out a schedule of payments with Napoli for Jorginho’s fee.

Meanwhile, other reports soon were claiming that Alisson had agreed personal terms with Liverpool and that the deal was “done”, which as we’ve come to learn over the years isn’t necessarily a final proclamation of anything. Liverpool supposedly had the Nabil Fekir deal “done” just a few weeks ago as well and he’s now set to continue playing for Lyon instead.

And then there’s the issue of a medical, which is where the legend of Willian was born and was also how Chelsea ended up with Loic Remy for a little bit after Liverpool canceled on their agreement.

Does this sound just a bit too far-fatched, just a bit too unlikely? Probably. Can Jim White be the new Alfredo Pedulla? Probably not. Will Chelsea produce yet another late show, which is already the theme of this summer? Highly unlikely.

But I had a really good poke bowl for lunch, and so I’m choosing to be hopeful and ignoring the apparent reality of us hurtling down the transfer market superhighway straight towards Butlandia.

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