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Real Madrid will not get bundle deal discount on Courtois and Hazard from Chelsea

Stories claiming that Real Madrid will sign both Courtois and Hazard from Chelsea for £150m are nonsense.

Photonews via Getty Images

After laying dormant for a month and a half, Chelsea’s transfer window has exploded into life over the past week. One major signing is done and the promise of several more to follow is looking good as well. But on the other side of the balance sheet, the departures of Thibaut Courtois and possibly Eden Hazard loom.

By all indications, Chelsea are much more willing to let the former go, but both Courtois and Hazard have spoken before (jokingly?) of their fates being tied together, whether at Chelsea or not, and that remains not only concerning, but also good fodder for further transfer rumors.

Case in point: stories yesterday from Sky Italia, claiming bundle deals north of £150m/€160m for the Belgian duo.

It’s unclear whether Real Madrid think that transfer deals work like bundling cable TV and Internet service and getting a discount on both, or if the rumor-mongers are just trolling and/or drunk, but if Chelsea set Eden Hazard’s price at £200m+ and Thibaut Courtois’ at least at £30m, as well-sourced journalists claimed previously, the £150m total fee is total and absolute nonsense.

And even if Chelsea do end up selling both players, which remains unlikely in Hazard’s case, it will not be as a joint transaction. That would behoove neither Chelsea, nor Real Madrid.

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