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Barcelona really want Willian, have £60m sitting around, make second bid — reports

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The Catalan giants are in with an improved offer for the near 30-year-old Brazilian

According to fresh reports, Barcelona are back in for Chelsea winger Willian.

After hearing a rebuff from the Blues on their meager £50 million initial offer, the Catalan giants returned with a £55 million bid, with an additional £5 million in add-ons for the soon-to-be 30-year-old Brazilian.

Barcelona are apparently keen for him to join an “attacking revolution” at the Nou Camp following the departures of Andres Iniesta and Paulinho, with an eye to linking him up with countryman Philippe Coutinho. Willian himself has done nothing to dispel these rumours recently, including liking several Instagram posts (yay, Silly Season™) linking him to Catalonia.

The money involved is nothing to sneeze at, even if the £55-60m is still supposedly below Chelsea’s £70m (!) asking price. Or even 53, as Sky’s version of the rumor claims.

For that much, it would probably be in Chelsea’s best interests to move on from Willian. He is a player who has proven effective in his role, yet not worth ignoring a large sum of cash for him, especially now that Chelsea’s summer activity appears to be finally ramping up.

Is £60m enough to convince Chelsea that we should part ways with Willian? Soon, we shall know.