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Chelsea actually closing in on Jorginho, Sarri double deal — reports

It’s happening?

SSC Napoli v Torino FC - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Well, well, well, well.

Jorginho may have flown to Italy rather than England yesterday, but that hasn’t stopped the Chelsea rumor train. It hasn’t even really slowed it down. And if reports out of Italy over the past few minutes are any indication, it may have actually picked up speed.

Hang on to your hats!

Sky Italia’s Fabrizio Romano and Angelo Mangiante are leading the charge this time, and that’s perhaps notable as they have not been at the forefront of this story before.

Mangiante is a bit more terse than Romano, but the idea is the same: Jorginho and Sarri both going to Chelsea. Talks are ongoing — aren’t they always? — says Romano, but there’s a real feeling now, for the first time in a long time, that they might actually lead somewhere.

Di Marzio comes in with the details soon after.

A total financial package of €65m for Jorginho (57+8m). It’s unclear if we get Sarri thrown in as bonus like when you order five racks of spare ribs at Rudy’s and they give you a free loaf of Wonder Bread. Mmmm ... ribs.

And speaking of BBQ, we couldn’t have a report like this without some Pedulla heat. Light ‘em up! Blue smoke is the best smoke, any pitmaster will tell you.

It’s happening?

P.S.: As far as Jorginho’s movements, the local media spied Jorginho at a restaurant (thus confirming his destination after his flights), as he appeared to say goodbye to friends with tears and cake. Cake!

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