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Chelsea to push for Sarri on Monday, this time for real for real — report

Calm weekend; action expected to heat up next week

SSC Napoli v Torino FC - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Antonio Conte has now lasted to FA Cup + 3 weeks, and I do wonder what odds you could’ve gotten on that on the eve of Chelsea’s victory over Manchester United to earn the head coach his second major trophy in as many years at Stamford Bridge. Prognostications had him getting the Ancelotti (sacked in the tunnel) or Van Gaal (sacked by Manchester United while giving his post-match press conference) or Di Matteo treatment (sacked on the way back home). And yet here he is, still kicking it as the head coach of Chelsea Football Club.

Rumors of him jumping ship to Real Madrid have proved similarly incorrect thus far. In fact, the only man whose predictions have been spot on so far has been Conte himself, who was adamant that he wasn’t leaving after last season. Chelsea will have to sack him — something that we’re reluctant to do for the first time in Abramovich history — Real Madrid possibility or no.

Meanwhile, uncertainty reigns over Maurizio Sarri’s future as well. While it would appear that the lawyers have been called off and presumably some behind-the-scenes machinations are underway so that he can free himself from his weird contract situation at Napoli, Chelsea are staying away and just watching this thing unfold at its own leisurely pace as well. Not to be panicky or anything — just like over Hazard’s minor knee injury — but the season starts in two months and the preseason in about one, and maybe we might want to possibly begin to start thinking about becoming a bit more proactive, no?

If Alfredo Pedullà, who’s been first with all real, fake, and half-true news in the Sarri saga can be believed — we have no way of knowing, really, which of the three he’s peddling at any given time, but let’s assume he’s more real than fake — Chelsea are preparing a hot and heavy push for Monday. It’s unclear what this means. Chelsea don’t need anything hot or heavy. What’s needed is cold hard cash, which is pretty light when comprised of just electrons.

Pedullà claims that rumors in the English media have only muddled the situation, and that Chelsea’s clear plan A remains Sarri, plan B remains Blanc, and the rest don’t matter (sorry, Slaviša).

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