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Chelsea still trying to save money on Conte’s sacking — report

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The ridiculous situation at the Chelsea head coaching position continues for yet another day, as Antonio Conte technically remains in charge and his replacement appears to be nowhere close despite at least 6-12 months of stories of how he’s a “dead man walking”. It’s a strange new way of approaching a bit of business we’ve done countless times in the past decade and a half.

Case in point: the latest dispatch from the Telegraph’s Matt Law, who once again brings tidings of baffling decision-making at the club (and unlike Courtois being baffled by something obvious, this one is in fact baffling).

Chelsea are apparently continuing to “delay” the decision on Conte’s future due to the ruinous financial impact of having to pay the inconceivably large £9m severance as per the terms of the hugely unfair on Chelsea contract that was agreed just 12 months ago. The club simply cannot believe that Conte has the common sense to not just walk away from guaranteed money. The braintrust’s foolproof masterplan is to hope that suddenly coach-less Real Madrid come knocking on Conte’s door and thus spare the club these massive, incomprehensibly large fees. That’s right, we’re hoping that the best team in Europe comes and rescues us from the burden of Conte, presumably so we can replace him with someone worse.

It’s one thing to halt a billion-pound stadium project, it’s another to balk at a few million necessary to make the change that was apparently decided and deemed necessary many months ago. No rush, boys, it’s not like preseason starts in a little over a month.

Is it time to hit the stop button on the Yakety Sax yet?

Of course, what makes this even worse is that Chelsea apparently are still just “trying to find their preferred candidate” to replace the man who’s won two trophies in two years but had the temerity to suggest what everyone else was and is suggesting, that we need better players. According to Law, Sarri remains in the picture despite Chelsea’s equally baffling decision to not pay his release clause. Blanc is in the picture as well, especially now that people have realized that David Luiz used to play under him at PSG and this somehow matters for our decision-making this summer. (Unless David Luiz becomes our next Director of Football, his coaching wishes are absolutely immaterial.) And so on.

The alternative explanation is that all news is fake news and everybody’s just having a big ol’e laugh. In which case, let’s start talking about those players and new contracts we need and drop this managerial merry-go-round nonsense.

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