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Chelsea, Napoli agree Sarri buyout, according to infinite rumor loop

Something’s happening, but what?

Italian Football Federation ‘Panchine D’Oro E D’Argento’ Prize Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The Maurizio Sarri saga appears to be slowly drawing close to some sort of resolution, most likely one that will see him take charge at Chelsea Football Club at some point in the near future. That day won’t be today and probably won’t be tomorrow. Chelsea have still yet to dispense with Antonio Conte. Most appear to expect that to happen this week, before the new fiscal year begins on July 1, but similar prognostications had been made for each of the past three weeks, so it’s hard to truly believe it will actually happen now.

Meanwhile, Napoli haven’t officially released Sarri either, though reports have increased over the past 24 hours of an agreement struck at €5m for the coach’s freedom. Here’s one such report from the Mirror, which cites unnamed Italian sources. Here’s one from Football Italia, which cites Il Mattino, which cites unnamed English sources. Here’s one from the Daily Mail yesterday, which builds on unnamed sources once again, probably the Il Mattino story from the weekend, which cites...

You get the picture.

Round and round we go, in an infinite loop of works cited. Something may be happening, but it’s unclear anyone truly knows what. But no one wants to be left out or left behind — including us.

Sarri was supposed to fly in to London today (Monday). No one’s claiming that has actually happened.

On the plus side, at least it’s no longer just Alfredo Pedulla beating the Sarri drum, which he pointed out in a bit of told-you-so huff earlier today.

The smoke is thick and it’s getting thicker ... so let’s have a game on the teddy picker?

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