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Agent pumps the brakes on Zola, Sarri appointments at Chelsea

It ‘s just a “hypothesis”

Birmingham City v Burton Albion - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

Chelsea may be finally moving towards a resolution regarding the head coaching position for next season, but things still aren’t happening very fast. With just 10 days to go until pre-season, that’s becoming a bit concerning, but it would be classic Chelsea to leave everything for the last minute once again.

Even Alfredo Pedulla, the transfer window’s biggest star thus far, is toning it down. “Without haste,” he says.

One more day, and Chelsea will have set a new Abramovich Era record for the last managerial appointment (AVB was announced on June 22 back in 2011, but preseason didn’t start until July 7 and the transfer window ran all the way through August. This year, preseason starts on July 2 and the transfer window shuts on August 9.)

While no one involved directly in the supposed Sarri negotiations is talking, Gianfranco Zola’s agent has not been shy. Now that his client’s stint on SuperSport’s World Cup coverage has ended (he was contracted through June 20), he may or may not be heading back to London. Previous rumors claimed it might in some sort of a liaison role between coaches and upper management, but it’s all just a “hypothesis” because there are far too many unknowns still.

“Gianfranco is a Blues legend and his arrival is not dependent on that of Sarri. I can only speak on behalf of my client and reaffirm that there has not yet been any meeting with the Chelsea management.”

“For Sarri to go to Chelsea, three things need to happen: Conte has to be sacked, Napoli and the Blues have to reach an agreement and, finally, Sarri has to reach an agreement with the club.”

”[Sarri working with Zola] is a hypothesis, but we’d have to see what the roles would be and how their duties would be split.”

-Fulvio Marrucco; Source: Radio Kiss Kiss

Amid rumors of potential transfer targets and coaching staff selections, even the Zola deal has entered the vortex of uncertainty. Interesting to hear the agent divorce Zola’s future from Sarri’s, too, especially with Zola previously being a very vocal advocate for Chelsea to keep Conte.

What a strange summer this has been so far.

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