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Chelsea have 10 days to figure out who will be the head coach next season

Preseason starts July 2

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It’s been over a month since Chelsea finished the last plays, the last kicks, the last tackles, the last runs, and the last celebrations of the 2017-18 season with the win in the FA Cup final over Manchester United.

We’ve done little else since and while there’s something to be said for not rushing into decisions, there are also serious deadlines looming. For example, the new season starts in a little over a month and a half and Chelsea’s first scheduled pre-season match is just a month away (July 23 vs. Perth in Australia). And according to reports this week, the pre-season itself will actually start in 10 days.

As usual, players involved in summer tournaments will get an extended break (usually two weeks after they’re done with the national team), but most of the squad are not in the World Cup and will thus be expected back at Cobham on Monday, July 2. It’s going to be awkward if there’s no head coach to greet them, and perhaps even more awkward if Conte’s the one welcoming them back.

So, 10 days to get the Sarri deal done and the Contexit figured out. Today (Thursday) and Friday were the latest expected timelines put on the negotiations, so let’s see if these latest reports are proven accurate or not...

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