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Maurizio Sarri’s agent in London to finalize Chelsea move — report

Sky Sports sources sashay onto the scene

SSC Napoli v FC Crotone - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Most of the “original” reporting around the Maurizio Sarri situation has come from Italy, and while perhaps that’s understandable given that Sarri is Italian and has worked in Italy his entire career — and Chelsea have basically gone into media lockdown since early May — it’s made it tough to guess which sources we should pay attention to and which ones we should ignore.

Of course, Sky Sports isn’t exactly infallible either, but at least they’re a familiar name and a known quantity as far as the degree of “trust” one can place in their reports.

So, take it for what you normally will, but Sky “sources” are claiming that Maurizio Sarri’s agent is in London to “finalise a move to Chelsea”. While Chelsea are “not commenting”, could this mean that the finalization, which has seemingly gone on for months and months (or at least weeks and weeks) is finally nearing its actual end?

It could indeed.

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