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Chelsea plan B Laurent Blanc confirms ambition to coach abroad and prove himself

Looking for a new challenge.

Paris Saint-Germain Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

If reports, mostly in Italy, are to be believed, Laurent Blanc remains Chelsea’s plan B for a new head coach, the fallback option in case the Sarri situation never resolves itself satisfactorily. That largely means that Blanc’s own situation is stuck in limbo as well.

Then again, as the man who’s waited for the past two years for a perfect opportunity to come along, what’s another week or few? The former PSG manager reflected on that in a recent interview with the highly respected French daily, Le Monde, ahead of the 20th anniversary tribute match last night for France’s 1998 World Cup title (Zidane & Henry’s France98 XI beat Arsene Wenger’s World XI 3-2).

“When you have done three years in Paris, it’s wearing. I needed to take a breather. I’m very happy with that, because I’m someone who takes an interest in things outside of football.

“I have some demands in relation to myself. I would like to prove to myself that I’m capable of coaching abroad.”

And by abroad he means outside of France, which so far has been home to all his managerial appointments (Bordeaux, French National Team, PSG). But he’s not forcing it, which is surely music to Chelsea’s ears as they hold him in reserve for the job that may or may not be his eventually.

“You know as well as me the market for coaches. There are a lot of coaches on the market. If a new project comes along, I’ll take up the challenge. If not, I’ll move on to something else.”

-Laurent Blanc; source: Le Monde via ESPN

Patience is the new operative word.

P.S.: Just to show that Chelsea isn’t the only place where managerial drama and nonsense lives, Spain have sacked Lopetegui the day after he accepted the Real Madrid job and just two days before Spain’s first game at he World Cup! Amazing.

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