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Sarri-day turns into ‘need more patience’-week at Chelsea

Dubious progress, if any

SSC Napoli v AC Chievo Verona - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Chelsea’s “Hot Sarri Days” have come and apparently gone and we’re really no closer to finding answers. The club may or may not have met with Sarri’s representatives once again — this is all based on Alfredo Pedulla’s reporting — and while the summit “went well”, all it’s served is “confirmation” for Chelsea’s position.

The club have apparently “confirmed” that Sarri remains the top choice, but not so top that we would simply pay a fee for him. There is a 3-year contract agreement that’s been more or less agreed upon, but there’s no progress on the “bureaucratic” side of the situation — i.e. freeing him from his Napoli contract. Meanwhile, Chelsea still haven’t sacked and paid off Conte, which is just flat out weird if we have no desire to continue with him as coach.

Perhaps the most worrying point in Pedulla’s latest update is this: it’s “not a situation of two or three days”. Despite announcing this week as the start of the “hot days” and Tuesday as “the crucial day”, he’s now urging patience. Unless a surprise occurs, he doesn’t expect the situation to be resolved anytime soon.


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