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Thibaut Courtois will not be sold to Liverpool — reports

Let’s not get too silly now.

Chelsea v Manchester United - The Emirates FA Cup Final

Last night’s Di Marzio special, that Chelsea were ready to sell Thibaut Courtois after “definitely breaking off” contract negotiations with him, and look to replace him with AS Roma’s no.1 Alisson, were accompanied by a throwaway assertion that in addition to the usual Real Madrid angle for Courtois’ next destination, Liverpool could be in the picture.

That little tidbit has now exploded into a full-on rumor, but regardless of what happens with Courtois, any Liverpool links can be safely rubbished. (Liverpool however will remain in the periphery as they are also very much interested in Alisson.)

After all, the biggest reason Courtois might want to leave Chelsea is because his children live in Madrid with their mother, and the 26-year-old simply wants to be closer to them — certainly an understandable wish for any father. Moving to Liverpool would literally put him even farther away from them!

As far as Di Marzio’s claim regarding the breaking off of negotiations between Chelsea and Courtois, by all accounts, those had been broken off many moons ago. While that doesn’t invalidate the Italian Transfer Oracle’s claim regarding Alisson’s place at the top of Chelsea’s wishlist should the Courtois situation warrant a replacement, it does mean that as far as the situation itself, the status quo continues to be maintained.

Unfortunately, that status quo means that he still only has one year left on his contract, and if that continues to be the case after the World Cup, too, then surely Chelsea will have to seriously consider selling him.

Chelsea could conceivably nip this whole concern in the bud by either agreeing a new contract or selling him before the World Cup, but considering how slowly we’re moving in other endeavors so far this summer, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any such proactive moves.

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