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Ancelotti set to take over at Napoli — report

The waiting game is afoot.

UEFA Match for Solidarity Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images

At first, reports claimed that Carlo Ancelotti had only yet to agree terms with Napoli as the potential replacement for Maurizio Sarri, but that he wasn’t interested in taking the job at all. Which is strange, considering that Ancelotti had spoken about wanting to return to Italy and there had no been no serious rumors other than the Partenopaei

However, more recent reports, such as this one by Corriere dello Sport has claimed with quite some confidence that everything is in place for Ancelotti to take over Napoli, but only if Sarri leaves the club. Obviously.

What’s less obvious is if Sarri’s leaving in the first place. He reportedly rejected an advance from Zenit, who were ready to pay his release clause (which, at €8m, may or may not be expiring today), while just last week the talks between him and De Laurentiis were supposed to be positive.

Where all that leaves us is a big fat deadlock, with plenty of room to speculate in either direction. Is Sarri staying; is he going? And if he is, is he going to Chelsea and about to be replaced by Ancelotti?

Surely this can’t go on forever.

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