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Anatomy of the Allegri to Chelsea rumor

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Silly Season in full swing already

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Juventus v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

At some during his exclusive interview with the Telegraph’s Jason Burt, published earlier this week, Massimiliano Allegri said the following while talking through a potential five-year plan.

“Certainly I will go abroad.”

He then added, in ... wait for it ... English! — dun dun DUN!!!

“In Italy, finished.”

Welcome, Max.

Most of the interview is behind a pay/trial-wall (and not about his future plans), but if you’re the rest of the football tabloid media, you don’t need any more.

Those two short phrases have launched dozens of stories over the past couple days, with the most bold (read: The Sun, The Star, The Moon Metro) basically anointing the current Juventus coach to succeed a former Juventus coach at Chelsea. The Star even cites two (TWO!) vaguely defined unnamed “top” sources, claiming that not only is Allegri “nailed on” as the next Chelsea boss, he was the top candidate before Conte, even. It’s not worth a link; you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Welcome, Max.

Of course, the very first paragraph of the Telegraph’s original interview makes it pretty clear that Allegri isn’t looking to move just yet. He signed a new contract through 2020 last summer and still wants to bring the Champions League home for the Old Lady. Unfortunately for them, after a first leg collapse against Real Madrid on Tuesday, that’s unlikely to happen for yet another season.

Unfortunately for any potential suitors for Allegri’s signature (especially those without Champions League — i.e. Chelsea and Arsenal), that probably means he’s staying put. There are no guarantees in football of course, and perhaps he could be tempted into a switch now, as the Mail’s Matt Barlow speculates, but that seems far less likely than the tabloid media would have you believe.

Welcome, Max.