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In-demand Luis Enrique only wants job that would ‘really excite’ him

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The former Barcelona man opens up about potential future employers.

One would not expect transfer rumors to come out of interviews with professional cyclists on YouTube, but that’s the brave new world we’re living in.

Above is a 30-minute interview that former Barcelona manager and potential Chelsea managerial candidate Luis Enrique conducted with Ibon Zugasti, who is a Basque cyclist and, apparently, YouTube personality.

In any case, the part that we’re interested in is Luis Enrique talking about his next job in football manager, which is helpfully translated and transcribed by ESPN.

“There has been interest from clubs, but it has to be something that really excites me. There’s no other club where I’ll be able to work with better players than at Barca.”

-Luis Enrique; source: YouTube via ESPN

No other club? Already starting to talk down to our players, Luis? You'll fit right in!

All jesting aside, there's no reason why one should be disturbed by such an assertion, as some people have been in the social media. Barcelona does conceivably possess several of the best players in the world, his former attacking force of M-S-N illustrating this. Luis Enrique wanting to be 'excited' by an offer also seems a given and if this were not the case, it would be pretty worrying, really.

Would the former treble-winning manager be excited by a project such as Chelsea? One that is still lacking a director of football and still has many questions to answer ahead of the summer regarding club structure and similar things before we are able to adequately prepare for the next season? Your guess is as good as mine.

That said, we're really boring Luis, there's never any drama here and I highly doubt you'd be interested in joining us. Move along!