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Juventus cannot afford Morata, Pogba reunions, claims CEO

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Too expensive at current market rates

FC Juventus v Torino FC - TIM Cup Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Once very talented prospects plying their trade at Juventus, it’s probably fair to say that striker Álvaro Morata and midfielder Paul Pogba have yet to prove their true worth in the Premier League pitches. The former, brought on by Chelsea last summer for a £60m fee, had a good start before falling victim to form and injuries. The latter, returning for a then-world record fee to Manchester United, who let him go for free in 2012, isn’t exactly enjoying the best rapport with manager José Mourinho.

Given their less than ideal situations, rumors linking the pair back to Juventus have started appearing. And although they would always be welcome back with open arms, the actual proposition of a transfer is far removed from reality. Here’s Juve CEO to explain.

“I don’t really believe in players coming back after having gone away, but there are also exceptions. They are two great professionals who left excellent memories, but the market value that they have reached is a mirage for us.”

But were not Juventus the side who spent €90 million on Gonzalo Higuaín, not only reinforce themselves but also weaken one of their major domestic rivals in Napoli? Well, this only happened for a reason: Pogba’s return to Old Trafford.

“Higuaín was an extraordinary signing for us and it was made after we had sold Pogba. We’re working on many fronts, but at the moment, they are a mirage. But it’s not just those two. There are many others.”

-Beppe Marotta; Source: Mediaset

Thus, Higuaín’s transfer is not meant to be indicative of how Juventus conduct their business. Their methods could in fact serve as a model for Chelsea to follow, making smart purchases and wielding plenty of success, although in a weaker league, while being very sustainable overall with help of profits from sales such as Pogba’s.

But as far as Morata leaving, we can probably forget about it. And not just to Juventus. It is one thing to let go of, say, Danny Drinkwater, whose talents do not touch the toes of the 25-year-old striker; it is entirely something else to give up on the most expensive transfer in club history after one season and 14 goals (and counting).

(P.S.: If United want to do us a solid, Chelsea may be able to afford Pogboom...)