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Chelsea keep watch as Maurizio Sarri sets date for Napoli contract talks — report

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SSC Napoli v AC Chievo Verona - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Managerial rumours continue to pour out of every nook and cranny of the Chelsea rumour mill, and it’s almost impossible to keep up, especially as all of it are just hypotheticals and coulds and shoulds and mights and maybes. Just about everything and anything is possible at this point, which makes every story important. But if every story is important, are any of the stories important?

Opinions differ.

In any case, it’s time for a bit of Maurizio Sarri news, with Corriere dello Sport informing that the Napoli head coach has finally set a date to discuss his contract renewal with the club after many delays. That day is now supposed to be April 23rd, or the day after their crucial match against Juventus in the Serie A.

Beyond vague (and probably untrue) rumors that Sarri canceled the lease early on his rented house in Varcaturo village, which is only a few kilometres away from the club’s training centre, no one seems any wiser as to what his actual plans might be.

What we do know (well, probably) is that he currently has an €8m release clause, which Napoli are understandably keen on ensuring doesn’t ever get exercised. So, for now, Chelsea will keep watch and see what shakes out (though if we do want Sarri to replace Conte, we might want to think about doing a bit more than that...)