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Eden Hazard transfer rumours are back already, and dumber than ever

Hazard-Aguero swap. Hazard-Bale(+£100m) swap. This is your brain on Silly Season.

Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

On January 31, the winter transfer window of 2018 came to a close, finally relieving us of all the nonsense and ludicrous transfer rumours the football media landscape had to offer.

Hope you enjoyed that reprieve, because the nonsense is back and it’s nonsensier than ever! Silly season never sleeps, unfortunately.

The Star and the Express start the party, as they are wont to do. We wouldn’t expect them to turn it up to eleven straight away, but having just recovered from CRISIS and never a step too far away from it (see: games coming up against Barcelona (x2), United, City), the Chelsea narrative remains ripe for such BS.

SWAP SHOP, say the Daily Star, as if Chelsea would seriously consider swapping Hazard for Aguero. This builds on the £150m rumor that the Mirror’s City beat writer cranked out in a fever dream in the final days of the January window.

That rumor was dumb, but this one’s even worse. In fact, it is so dumb, not even the Star can quite fully commit to it, and they admit at the end of the actual article that this is “mission impossible” and that Hazard looks “more” likely to sign his new contract at Chelsea.

Gee, ya think?

Meanwhile, not to be left too far behind, the Express run their own little player-swap fantasy — sadly, because of the Mkhitaryan-Alexis hilarity, we cannot outright deny these sorts of deals, for now — linking Hazard to Real Madrid (booooooring) in a Gareth Bale PLUS £100m exchange.

Is this a new variation on this never-ending story, or have we heard this one before already? Who can keep track of these things anymore? Hazard ready to join Real Madrid once again, just as he has been since the day after signing for Chelsea in 2012. If we had a penny for each of these rumors...

The Express UTTER B*LL*CKS EXCLUSIVE (that’s how you know it’s super duper good) builds on slightly more solid foundation, but that’s not saying much when compared with the Stars liquified earth.

As we know, Hazard has yet to sign a new contract, which has been rumored since last summer, even though it was well ahead of schedule at that point still. Now that Hazard is approaching the final two years of his current deal, that schedule will become more pertinent. This situation is something that really needs to be sorted this summer, if not earlier.

For now, as per HLN’s Kristof Terreur, there are no talks going on, and there has been no official offer tendered just yet from the club. All that makes sense since we’re in the middle of the season and Hazard is a rare breed in that he does not run with an official agent. Though the more we have to repeat this, the more concerning it becomes.

While there's no immediate danger regarding Hazard's contract, which runs until June 2020, it sure would be nice to get him a brand new shiny one to sign, no?

With Thibaut Courtois recently dropping hints about possibly signing his new deal this month (finally!) and both he and Hazard previously claiming that Eden will sign after that as well, hopefully we’ll soon get both of these wrapped up and over the line.

Just say no to Silly Season. Sign them up!

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