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Former USA international Eddie Johnson confirms Pulisic to Chelsea

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Could this be an unofficial confirmation of the 20-year-old making the move to Stamford Bridge?

Adding fuel to the fire that is BILD reporting yesterday evening that Chelsea had agreed personal terms with Dortmund’s Christian Pulisic over a summer transfer, former USA international Eddie Johnson basically confirmed the move via his Instagram story.

(Assuming Johnson isn't just taking the rumors as fact.)

Chelsea do of course have to agree terms with BVB as well, even if the BILD story is true, but at this rate that might be little more than a formality.

While one might remember a similar story in the summer with Alex Golovin (who ended up joining Monaco where he's been ... okay), Johnson does potentially have some insider connections after working with Pulisic over the summer — since retiring as a player, Johnson moved into coaching and works with several current USA stars as well as youth.

If you add to this that Christian Pulisic’s father, Mark Pulisic, has now even started following Chelsea FC and Eden Hazard on Twitter then you know SillySeason™ is in full flight and that this deal’s definitely going to happen!

Oh yeah, but where’s Lionel Messi at? I thought he was on his way to Stamford Bridge after liking Chelsea on Instagram? Strange...