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Hazard remains undecided about Chelsea future, still dreams of Real Madrid

Longest saga still going strong

Southampton FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Eden Hazard is in the best form of his life. But as decisive as he’s become on the pitch, with 8 goals in 10 appearances, he remains just as undecided as far as his long-term Chelsea future is concerned.

Asked after Sunday’s 3-0 win over Southampton whether he’s made up his mind or not, Hazard once again stated that he is not quite sure if he’ll sign the contract extension at Chelsea. The situation remains just as precariously balanced as a few months ago.

“I want what’s good for me, but I want what’s good for the club because the club has given me everything. I don’t want to say: ‘Yes, I am signing a new contract’ and then in the end I don’t end up signing. So I will see. Sometimes in my head, I wake up in the morning and think I want to go. Sometimes I think I want to stay. It is a hard decision. It is my future. I am 27 and I will turn 28 in January.

Hazard was widely expected to leave last summer after enjoying an amazing World Cup and considering Real Madrid’s tradition of buying World Cup stars, it’s a surprise it didn’t happen. We’re obviously glad it didn’t, and thankful that unlike Thibaut Courtois, Eden didn’t push to leave, didn’t hold the club ransom, and didn’t exercise his player power.

“That’s why I spoke after the World Cup and I said that I think it is time to change because I played a great World Cup. I am really in the game, I am playing good football at the moment. Real Madrid is the best club in the world. I don’t want to lie today. It is my dream since I was a kid. I was dreaming about this club. We will see. I don’t want to talk about this every day. I don’t have time but we will talk about my future soon. I think so.”

“It is also when you have a dream and you want to make it happen. It is like I have said a lot of times: if I leave I will be happy; I know if I stay I will be happy. It is not like if I go I am happy and if I stay that I am unhappy.”

So, that’s clear as mud then. If you’re still not sure whether Hazard will stay or go, you’re not alone. Hazard himself seems to have no idea, and he also seems reluctant to talk about it since he doesn’t want to say anything concrete one way or another.

He really covered all the bases here. He wants what’s good for the club but he also wants what’s good for him. But don’t forget his childhood dream of joining Real Madrid. BUT WAIT! He would be happy if he stayed. And happy if he left. Well, isn’t that just nice for him?

He also didn’t shut the door on any future Chelsea talks either, which is surely a good sign.

“I could talk now. If they come to me, then I will talk. I don’t want to say that I am not talking with the club or the owner. I am talking a lot with them.”

Chelsea had tabled a club record £300k contract offer earlier this year, but there have not been any serious negotiations since, thanks in large part to the World Cup taking up a huge chunk of the off-season. But Chelsea would be tremendously foolish not try to keep negotiating an extension with Hazard, and it may not even be that hard to convince him to sign. But we do have to start talking in order to do that.

“I am happy and I don’t need anything. It is not trophies. Of course, when you play, you want to win but I just want to enjoy things on the pitch, like I am at the moment. Then I am happy.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Guardian

It’s quite simple, really. We need to get him to sign that extension and we need to get it done as soon as possible. No time to waste. For the night is dark and full of Real Madrid trying to steal your superstars.

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