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Chelsea prioritizing Hazard contract talks in the upcoming weeks — report

According to the best source on Belgian players in the Premier League, formal negotiations should be getting started soon

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FC Barcelona Training Session Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

As ever, no one really knows what’s going on except for the people actually involved, but if we are to trust any one source when it comes to Eden Hazard and Belgian players in general in the Premier League, it’s got to be HLN’s Kristof Terreur.

Random, throwaway rumors in Italy yesterday were afforded rather undue attention in England, but as wonderful as those would be if they were true — Hazard ready to sign! — we’re not that far along yet in the story. We might not ever get there, in fact.

Hazard, as he said multiple times recently (because he was asked multiple times recently), remains undecided. His decision will be influenced by several factors, including what Chelsea may or may not do, what Real Madrid may or may not do, what his family may or may not want, what his teammates, his friends, his advisors, his horoscope, his barber, his tattoo artist, his anybody and everybody may or may not be telling him — and not necessarily in that order.

As far as a final word on the current situation, Terreur says that “formal” contract negotiations have not started — there have been none since about December when the reported £300k-per-week offer was rejected — but, as Bruce Buck also made it quite clear, it is definitely a “priority” for the club in the “upcoming weeks”. As it should be.

Terreur also hints that those numbers may no longer be valid either, which only makes sense as market inflation and Premier League wages have only gone up in the last ten months. Buck says Chelsea are willing to “do what it takes” to convince Hazard to sign, and that probably will include fitting financial compensation as well.

UPDATE: In Terreur’s full report for HLN, it’s mentioned that Chelsea already let Hazard know before the international break that this is now a priority item.

So, status quo maintained. Patience required. Attentions should now be fully focused on Saturday and Manchester United. Time to live in the present and get back to work.

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