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Eden Hazard rules out leaving Chelsea in January

Definitely not maybe

You know the English media may be fishing for a story when they turn up at a pre-match press conference in Tubize, Belgium for a Nations League match between Belgium and Switzerland, and proceed to ask Eden Hazard some obviously pointed questions, questions about things he already said he didn’t want to talk about “every day”.

As you can see in the video above, Eden handles it with his usual level of teasing and mischief, answering the first question “Are you the best player in the world?” with an “Again?” before saying “Yes”, but acknowledging, as usual, that there is always room for improvement (more goals, more assists, etc). This then sets up the real question about Ballon d’Or aspirations, which is something apparently only players in La Liga may have (thanks to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo winning the last ten).

Asked if that’s the reason he wants to move to Madrid, Hazard responds with a “That’s why I want to go - maybe”. If you know Eden “we’ll see” Hazard, that style of answer will be familiar.

Headlines in England are picking this up and running with it (while leaving out the “maybe” part), but we already know why Eden is considering a move to Real Madrid. It’s his childhood dream. And he wants to play in (and win) the Champions League. It may or may not have anything to do with an individual accolade, which would be an uncharacteristic ambition for Mr. Ask Questions First Then Shoot.

It also won’t be happening in January, that much he unequivocally denied and left no room for interpretation with a simple, straightforward “No”. Not a single “maybe” in sight here!

So, what did we learn? Nothing new. Carry on.

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