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Edin Dzeko pictured getting into car with bags packed, ready to travel to London?

Still could be a false alarm...

UPDATE: These guys claim that the bags actually belong to Dzeko’s sister, who was visiting and is now leaving. Or maybe that’s just clever cover! Hey, this is fun... (not really)


Ladies and gentlemen, start your flight tracking apps and airport information searches. Edin Dzeko appears to be on the move somewhere this morning, and the smart money is on a trip to London. Presumably his destination might be somewhere in the Surrey area, a place we might know as Cobham, where medicals and signings usually take place for Chelsea Football Club.

Here are pictures that were shown on Italy’s Mediaset Premium channel not an hour ago. Their report adds that Dzeko was accompanied by his sister, as well as his agent Silvano Martina.

Or maybe he’s just engaging in a spot of midweek tourism. Perhaps he’s catching a play? Maybe he just really wants to visit the British Museum. Eat at the Texas Embassy? No, wait, apparently that’s closed down. Chelsea it is, I guess.

Maybe he’s not even coming to London? Maybe he’s just heading out early for Roma’s next game, away to Sampdoria on Wednesday night? (Genoa is whopping 1 hour by plane from Rome, but you know, you can never be too prepared!) That might be smarter for all involved...


I have sinking feeling this might be happening, despite it seeming rather desperate and ill-advised. Time to start looking on the bright side, I suppose, whatever that may be. (Lots of goals, hopefully.)

It’s going to be very confusing when the “Eden Eden” chant starts up now.

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