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Eden Hazard confirms both he and Thibaut Courtois will sign new Chelsea contracts

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers
Note cheeky Pedro with the ‘wet willy’
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

The NBA was in Londontown this week, which meant that all the stars were out in their Thursday night ... best ... as the 76ers took on the Boston Celtics at the O2 Arena, where the cheapest ticket was £600 on the day of the game. As usual, many Chelsea stars were in attendance as well, including no.1 basketball fan Thibaut Courtois, at least two Hazards (Eden and Kylian), Marcos Alonso, Andreas Christensen, Pedro, and probably others, too. It’s the first two we’re mostly concerned about this point, especially after Eden gave an interview to the Mirror in which he basically confirmed that he will indeed sign a new Chelsea contract.

Obviously these sorts of off the cuff interviews should taken with a grain of salt, and Hazard doesn’t specify exactly when he will sign, but it should be ... “soon”.

“Yes. I think Thibaut first. Then I will sign.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Mirror

gir gif

This matches what Hazard told HLN recently, though he stopped short of actually saying “yes” in that interview. Note that he essentially confirmed that Courtois will sign as well.

If you’re looking for even more confirmation, albeit also more tenuous, here’s Hazard saying that he will “never” leave Chelsea, but given the nature of this exchange and of course Hazard’s generally jokey nature, I would put much more stock in the Mirror’s story than the mobile phone footage below. The two combined however is pretty good indication that this new deal will indeed happen, despite the never-ending and, frankly, boring Real Madrid rumors.

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