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Atlético Madrid want Diego Costa deal with Chelsea wrapped up within a month — report

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This transfer, like time, just keeps dragging on.

As reported by the Daily Mail on Saturday, one day after the Spanish transfer window closed and two days after the English one did, Atlético Madrid are hoping to waste not too much more time in re-signing Diego Costa from Chelsea. Of course, as we learned over the past three months and change, getting Diego Costa back to the Spanish capital from West London isn’t quite that easy or straightforward. And to be clear, this one-month timeline is just for an actual agreement. As we know, Costa can’t actually play for Atlético until January, and now that the window has shut, he can’t go on loan anywhere else in the meantime either. And as far as the Premier League’s concerned, he’s officially part of Chelsea’s squad until January.

But even though the two clubs couldn’t quite agree on a deal in the final hours of the window — despite possibly agreeing a fee — there seems to be growing motivation from both sides to get a deal done, especially as Atlético start becoming concerned about the striker’s fitness situation and he himself starts becoming concerned (or should be concerned) about his status with the Spanish national team ahead of next summer’s World Cup. Atlético are perhaps hoping that if Costa and Chelsea can put aside their differences just for a moment — presumably this return to training won’t ever happen, but maybe we can have some cordial exchanges — a deal can be worked out finally.

Complicating any deal between the three stubborn parties involved in this fiasco is the massive amount of posturing going on, especially between Chelsea (who keep issuing repeated calls for Costa to return and then subsequently fining him each week when he doesn’t) and Costa (who keeps thumbing his nose at the Blues and Conte especially while keeping the spectre of lawsuits in play). But if Atlético, who have been in no rush to push a deal through in the summer much to Diego’s chagrin, are finally getting involved, perhaps we will start getting close to an actual resolution this month.

Would be nice to have all this nonsense settled and done with. Fingers crossed.