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Official: Atletico Madrid re-sign Diego Costa from Chelsea

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Club Atletico de Madrid v Chelsea - UEFA Champions League Semi Final Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Having agreed the transfer fee with Atletico Madrid last week, Chelsea have today announced that Diego Costa’s return to the Spanish capital has been officially finalized, with all things dotted and crossed and signed and agreed. Last week’s agreement was pending personal terms and a medical between Costa and Atletico, but those were expected to be formalities, at worst, and so it proved. His two-phase medical, according to the official Atletico Madrid website, was completed on Saturday and Monday and he signed his 3.5-year contract.

Costa had been back in Madrid since last week and was pictured in the crowd during Atletico’s match over the weekend. He will undoubtedly be there tomorrow, ready to cheer on the home team against his friends in the Blue shirts.

“I’m very happy to return home, I’ve always said it, Atlético is my home, I’m very, very happy. I’m looking forward to start contributing. I’m going to give my all for the team, as I always try to do."

“...the effort that Miguel Ángel Gil has made especially, and the whole club for making this move forward, I’m very grateful to everyone.”

-Diego Costa; source: Atletico de Madrid

The transfer will technically only become official on January 1, when the transfer window opens again, but Costa, who will wear the no.18 shirt, will remain in Madrid where he will train, get in shape, and get ready for the second half of the season.

Bye, Diego.