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Atlético Madrid renew hopes of completing Diego Costa deal

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Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

It’s been 98 days since “Chelsea striker” Diego Costa last stepped on a football pitch in a “professional” capacity, representing the Spanish national team in a meeting with Macedonia. Since then, he’s only played in pick-up games in his hometown of Lagarto, as he continues to refuse to return to the club, collecting fines instead of fitness week in and out as a result of his "strike".

Only Atlético Madrid could possibly resolve this situation and end this saga, but they’ve been in no particular hurry to do so either, especially since they cannot register Costa until January anyway. But now, according to newspaper Marca, the Colchoneros have renewed their efforts in repatriating Diego, submitting an improved offer that adds €5 million on top of their previous offer for a rather unbelievable grand total of €65 million. That’s assuming any of these bids are actual real and not just more fabrications from the Spanish media.

Atleti were supposedly wanting to complete Diego's transfer last week, to reveal the 28-year-old at the same time as their new stadium, Wanda Metropolitano, but obviously that has not happened. There are apparently a few hangups over solidarity payments to previous clubs, and there is also the matter of the fines and how to resolve them, and so on. Meanwhile, Atleti president Cerezo has spent last week denying all rumors, while Diego’s whereabouts (and travel plans) were also making headlines without any tangible follow-through.

Basically, still no one knows what’s happening or what may happen and it’s all getting a bit beyond silly. And not just for Chelsea — here’s an excellent read from our friends at Into the Calderon on the Atletico perspective of this embarrassing fiasco.