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Diego Costa, International Man of Mystery: Missed flights, missed agreements, missed connections

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Mere hours after Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo rubbished rumors of an impending deal with Chelsea for Diego Costa, saying that they’re not planning on making a move until January, Sky Sports have gone the exact opposite way with their rumor machine, claiming that there’s been a “breakthrough”. While they’re not exactly clear about the details of said breakthrough, there is apparently progress of some sort being made.

It should be noted that Sky aren’t averse to labeling news that is hours, if not days old as “BREAKING”, especially when they are taking foreign reports and re-labeling them as things they “understand” from “Sky sources”.

But this isn’t the only mystery in Costa’s situation this week as he apparently did not show up in Madrid as he was expected yesterday (Tuesday), having missed his flight from Sao Paulo.

This has once again re-opened the rumor line about Costa having to return to London at some point, with the ever unreliable Cadena SER claiming that might happen on Thursday. But the Spanish Radio claims that, as before, said return is simply to sort out the final details of the impeding €50m transfer transfer to Atleti (plus any outstanding fines Diego owes).

Meanwhile, Marca claimed an even earlier flight to London for Diego — they even included the flight number Diego was supposed to take — but lo and behold, he was nowhere to be found.

This probably won’t be the last twist in this Bondian mystery thriller. Stay tuned.