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Chelsea opportunity as Klopp rules Liverpool out of Van Dijk chase — reports

While Chelsea’s interest, especially priority interest, in Virgil van Dijk continues to not make much sense at the moment — as yesterday’s game proved, the priority has to be on wing-back above all else instead — Chelsea’s chances do look a little better today than yesterday thanks to Jürgen Klopp essentially ruling out Liverpool from any further serious attempts at the Southampton center back.

“We have four (centre-backs). I don’t think we need more [...] in the moment I’m fine. We are open until the 31st (of August). We cannot force the things and we would never get a centre-back just because.”

-Jürgen Klopp; source: Liverpool Echo

The Mirror wasted no time in bigging up Chelsea’s chances with intentions of £60m bids floated into the Internet wasteland. Then again, it remains quite likely, just as it has been since Southampton successfully fought off Liverpool by accusing them of tapping up Van Dijk, that the center back stays with Southampton — though first they have to clear the air with him since they’re embroiled in their own little stand-off at the moment.

Recent rumors have maintained Chelsea’s interest in the 26-year-old, though more of a fallback escape option should Southampton fail to smooth over their differences with their star defender.

Incidentally, this comment was left on that story by the Mirror, and I’m still laughing.


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