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Riyad Mahrez's location is a mystery much like Chelsea's supposed £45m bid

Manchester United v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Even in the best of times, football rumors are just a more benign flavor of fake news that dominate all media these days. On most days, we try to wade through the deluge of said fake news and pick out the stuff that makes sense or might be likely to happen. On transfer deadline day, that’s practically impossible.

So when beIN Sports says that Chelsea have submitted a £45m bid for Riyad Mahrez, who we know (well, “know”) spent the night in a London hotel after getting permission to leave the training camp of the Algerian national team (that latter bit is concrete info at least, confirmed by the Algerian Football Federation), we sort of just have to roll with it. They seem quite confident after all.

But then here comes the local reporter, who claims that not only has that bid not been accepted, but Leicester City claim they haven’t even received a bid.

Meanwhile, sources like The Sun and the Express are claiming that the bid has been accepted.

All of that could be subject to finding the player first, which appears to be as much of a mystery as the fate of Chelsea’s supposed bid.

Where in the world is Riyad Mahrez? Probably exactly where he’s going to play this season, wherever that may be.


Unless this is Matt Law’s David Luiz moment, Mahrez is probably not happening.

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