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Alex Sandro has made his decision on Juventus future, Chelsea transfer

And it’s a big fat NO

Brasil Global Tour: Australia v Brazil Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, the one thing that had kept the Alex Sandro rumors simmering along in the background was his supposed indecision regarding his own future. While Juventus made a sport out of rejecting ever increasing piles of cash from Chelsea, Alex Sandro himself was still supposedly considering whether to sign the new Juventus contract on offer or keep the specter of Chelsea looming over that to make sure he gets as good of an offer as possible.

But now, he’s apparently made his decision, and, unsurprisingly, it does not favor Chelsea.

"Alex Sandro said he wants to stay at Juventus and this is a real big deal. So we automatically rejected the sender's request.”

-Guiseppe Marotta; source: Sky Italia via Sky Sports

In theory, the new contract from Juventus remains unsigned, but surely that’s just a minor technicality at this point. When €80m bids are being rejected and when potential salaries to match that sort of commitment are not inspiring action from the player himself — i.e. Alex Sandro has never yet pushed for the move — it’s long past time to move on.

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