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Spurs have no intentions of selling Danny Rose to Chelsea

Just in case there was any real doubt about this, Tottenham Hotspur have no desire to entertain any bids for Danny Rose. That was yesterday’s claim from the Evening Standard’s Simon Johnson, and it’s probably a pretty solid claim to make even without any supporting evidence. Certainly, one would not expect Spurs to sell to Chelsea ever, and after they lost Kyle Walker to Manchester City, they would no doubt redouble any efforts to keep the rest of the squad intact.

There were a few silly rumors (from The Sun and its sort) over the last couple days that claimed an incoming £50m bid from Chelsea for Rose after the match between the two sides this Sunday, but even if we do put in the token bid to match the previous public wooing via promises of double wages, it’s highly unlikely that we’d get anywhere. Spurs haven’t sold a player to Chelsea in over 30 years, and while Chelsea are not above strengthening rivals, few other teams in the Premier League are.

Where does that leave Chelsea? Same place as before, that is nowhere good. Danny Rose is a non-starter. Alex Sandro isn’t coming. And it’s all quiet everywhere else. Oxlade-Chamberlain is basically our last hope, and even if we’re ready to pay over the odds, that still could be foiled by Arsenal’s utter stupidity to let him see out the final year of his contract and then potentially walk for free next summer.


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